Facial Enhancement Procedures Sydney


Most people come here wanting to look like a refreshed version of themselves. A few of us however want a little more.

We want to be a more beautiful version of ourselves. These procedures are aimed at giving you not just want you had but what you wish you had. Think of these procedures as an extension of your makeup brush.

“My new passport photos look so much better than the one I took 5 years ago!”

Enhancement SOLUTIONS


For most of us, we want to replace what we once had. When we are treating the aging face, we replace the volume in the cheek that is lost over time. For a few others, we want to enhance what we already have. Sometimes we can use fillers as an extension of the makeup brush. Just as you can use highlighting creams and powders to create the illusion of a higher cheekbone, fuller pout or straighter nose, you could use fillers to subtly enhance these areas, increasing the light reflection and create a new contour to the face.

For cheek enhancement, dermal fillers are used to give higher or more prominent cheekbones. Techniques and the type of dermal filler used is dependent on the individual client and how it will enhance the overall harmony of the face.


Many things can be addressed with the nose non surgically. The most common request we get is to make the nose look straighter or have less of a bump. This can be easily done with fillers and results usually last between 12 – 24 months.

Dr Van Park is frequently invited to many parts of Asia to demonstrate her techniques in reshaping the nose. This is the most common nonsurgical procedure requested by Asian patients as subtle changes to the nose can make a dramatic difference to your appearance.

Other things that can be done non surgically with fillers include:

  • Raising the dorsum of the nose. Making the bridge of the nose more prominent.
  • Raising the tip of the nose. As we get older, our nasal tip starts to droop.
  • Making the tip appear smaller.


Studies have shown that the shape of a female face can contribute to the ‘attractiveness’ of the individual. A squarer face is associated with a more masculine appearance while a ‘heart shaped’ face indicates femininity.


There are many reasons why the square face can occur such as genetics or grinding of the teeth. When the muscle that we chew with (the masseter muscle) becomes enlarged it creates a squarer facial shape. This can be treated safely and effectively with muscle relaxants. This treatment is becoming popular with younger patients and those who want a slimmer facial appearance.

Slimming down the lower face by treating the masseter muscles also makes the cheekbones more prominent. Some patients wanting higher cheekbones will be more suited to have this treatment instead of having fillers depending on their facial structure.



Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 9.34.02 AM



Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 9.37.37 AM


(Frown and Crow’s Feet also treated)



When most patients come in for lip enhancement, they want to have lips that just look like they are wearing lip gloss. Some may also want subtle definition to their lips so that the fine lines appear less. Much like wearing a lip liner.

Lip enhancement and lip augmentation can be achieved with the use of injectable dermal fillers to treat the border of the upper and/or lower lip to enhance lip contour and definition. Lip volume can be improved by dermal filler treatment in the lip body to create more full lips.

It is vital that when you enhance the lips you obey the laws of nature. Beautiful lips should never look “done”. Dr Van Park uses a number of artistic techniques to create fuller, natural looking lips. She has given lectures and workshops in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Queensland and Auckland demonstrating the art of achieving natural lips.







When you look at the forehead of a child or a baby, you would notice that their forehead is nice and rounded.

As we age, our frontal (forehead) bone flattens and we can sometimes see this as a shadow in the middle of our forehead above our eyebrows. You may notice this very subtle shadowing in photographs. This is also the reason why applying highlighting makeup to the centre of the forehead can make you appear younger and fresher.

Fillers can be used to round out the forehead and take away the shadowing.


Over the years, fillers have slowly replace chin implants as the first line treatment for chins.

Chin enhancement is commonly done to balance out facial proportions. It can balance out strong noses and cheekbones and create a more oval face shape which is considered the ideal shape.

Just like filling out temple hollowing, it is one of the procedures that can greatly enhance the face in a very subtle way.


This technique was pioneered by Dr Van Park combining her experience as a make up artist and cosmetic doctor. She has been invited to present this technique to many parts of Asia including Australia and New Zealand. It has been named the “V Lift”.

In this technique, small amounts of dermal fillers are used to create points of light reflection on certain points of the face. These points are usually the points where make up artists use highlighters to enhance the face. Using fillers in the same way can create a very subtle lift to freshen the face without giving volume.

Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it. — Confucius
Look in the sky not because you want to see the stars,
but look because you’re going to be one of those stars.
— Louise Philippe Dulay
Beautiful young people are accidents of nature but beautiful old people are works of art. — Eleanor Roosevelt
There is no exquisite beauty……without some strangeness in proportion. — Edgar Allan Poe
The fact is, there is no such thing as “normal”- everybody is different and that is the essence of their beauty. — Kevyn Aucoin